Forty-six years ago J. Haynes Waters, III, fresh out of high school, picked up a shovel and began to learn the construction industry from the ground up.  Working his way through the University of Georgia as a framing and general contractor, he graduated and began teaching the trades of the industry (carpentry, plumbing, electrical, drafting, etc.) to high school students and adults. During that time he continually contracted houses while he taught. In 1980 Haynes made the decision to leave his teaching job and start his own company, full time.  He moved to the Augusta, Ga. area, with family in tow, and incorporated his dream, J. Haynes Waters Builders.  His goal: To provide the highest quality in design and construction of single family homes.

Now in their thirty-sixth year of business, J. Haynes Waters Builders is still committed to that goal of excellence. Delivering the highest quality custom homes in the area at a rate of about ten homes a year. Prices of their homes range from $100,000 to above $1,500,000.  Haynes Waters has been able to satisfy over 600+ owners of the 300+ homes that he has designed and built.  He does this by building their dream home within their budget but without sacrificing the genuine quality he would want for himself.

A list of many previous customers is provided for any prospective homeowner as a reference guide. With quality and the customer’s satisfaction in mind, J. Haynes Waters Builders employs only courteous and professional contractors.  The majority of these contractors have been in business with Haynes for many years, and use all the latest techniques and materials in both design and construction. Haynes oversees every step of the building process, no matter who performs it, and actually does a lot of it himself.  All our employees and contractors are skilled professionals, committed to doing the best work possible.

Build your home of a lifetime today with J. Haynes Waters Builders!

Letter to Future Clients

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